Lewisburg Lodge No. 96 was formed in 1844.


1914 Officers  L to R – Newton Knoll, Oscar Liddick, Daniel Kahle, Unknown, Unknown.  Photo by J.O. Angstadt, Lewisburg, PA




From The Odd Fellows Family Companion (Vol. IV, 1868-1869). (1869). Columbus, OH: M.C. Lilley., pg. 631

Lewisburg – Lewisburg Lodge No. 96, was organised (sic) here twenty-five years ago, on the 23rd of April (1844). It has labored under difficulties, but at present is on a firm basis, with a membership of one hundred and twenty, out of debt, with funds on hand, including Lodge property, of about two thousand dollars ($35,000 in 2017).


From A Centennial History of Lewisburg 1886

A photographic collage of the 50th Anniversary in 1894. The streets of Lewisburg were lavishly decorated. Odd Fellows, Rebekahs, and dignitaries from all over the US visited for the festivities. One arch states, “The Town is Yours”.

Lewisburg Lodge No. 96, I.O. Of O.F., was organized on June 3rd, 1844 by Grand Lodge officers; namely John C. Yeager M.A.G.M, John S.C. Martin, D.D.G.M.  The Charter Members were Bernard McLaughlin, Henry Gibson, James S. Kelly, Nathan Mitchell, and L.B. Christ.  Fifteen members in all joined the Lodge at the organization.  During the forty-two years of its existence, the Lodge has passed through many vicissitudes that at times threatened to destroy its existence entirely.  Through bad management of its funds, failures of its treasurers, and suspension of members, there were times when hardly a quorum could be collected.  But the Lodge has outlived all this and today stands firmly with a good treasury, well secured, a large membership, and an excellently furnished hall.  It has paid out for relief during its existence,  $6,550.00 (Ed note – $160,938 in 2017 $) , has buried 18 members, has thirty-four past Grands and has seventy members on its rolls.  The present officers are G.M. Focht, Noble Grand; W.E. Yoder, Vice Grand; J.M. Pross, Secretary; W.C. Mauser, Assistant Secretary; and Jacob Hower, Treasurer.  The night of meeting is the first Monday of each their Hall in Ritter’s Block , on Market Street.  The following is a list of Past Grands:
Past Grands
1.  John S. Yoder
2.  J.L.Hawn
3.  I.S. Sterner
4.  A. Raudenbaugh
5. S. Young
6.  B.F. Angstadt
7.    J.W. Wensel
8.  R,M Cooper
9.  C.H. Hassenplug
10.  M. Shires
11. John Moser
12. J. Griffith
13. J.M. Pross
14. Jacob Hower
15. H.W. Murphy
16. P. Sneck
17. I.C. Harvey

Another view of the lavish decorations for the 50th Anniversary.

18. E.L. Painter
19. D.B.Wagner
20. D. Smith
21. C.F. Lindig
22. E. Wolf
23. J.E. Berkley
24. S. Banse
25. D. Kahle
26. S. Wolfe
27. A. Bickle
28. D.P. Higgins
29. S.M. Bond
30. D. Raidabaugh
31. I. Kahle
32. J.P. McClure
33. G.W. Roland
34. A.J. Young

Mauser, A.H., (1886), A Centennial History of Lewisburg, Lewisburg, PA, retrieved from https://archive.org/details/centennialhistor00maus