Lodge No. 96 Adopts a Revitalization Plan.

As with all volunteer organizations, there has been a slump in membership over the years, even with volunteer fire departments.  It seems, no one wants to volunteer their time or services to better their community.  Editors note:  My father raised me to believe this – “Your gift from God is your talents.  Your gift back to God is what you do with those talents.”  I am a firm believer in community service.  It benefits the community, in these financially stricken times, and benefits the person who donates their talents in knowing that they are contributing to the greater good.

It’s time to revitalize our Lodge!  In that regard, and in the true spirit of the Odd Fellows:

At the 13 April 2017 meeting, our Lodge adopted a Plan to revitalize. The Plan is based on the 3-link chain:

The Three-Link Chain approach. One of the symbols of Odd Fellows is the three-link chain. It traditionally stands for Friendship, Love, and Truth. For the purpose of revitalizing our Lodge, it shall also symbolize that we will embrace:

Our rich history and heritage that guide our purpose

Exciting and new fellowship activities that will draw new members

Reaching out and opening up to our community to publicize our existence, and programs, which will generate funding

For us to grow and meet the needs of our community, and the Order, we must develop a program that strengthens all links of the chain and keeps it strong and untarnished.

The ultimate goal of this Plan is to increase our membership and move to a permanent facility that will be the hub of community activity.

If you would like to assist us on this exciting new chapter, drop us a line, or better yet…JOIN our Lodge!!

Are you using this Three-Link Plan, or a similar plan?  If so, drop us a line, or leave a comment, and let us know how it’s going!  We are all in this together!

Download our poster (click the image below)…and don’t forget to check our progress pages!