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A Visit To The Mifflinburg Buggy Museum

The Mifflinburg Buggy Museum


Recently, we held a social event and visited the Mifflinburg Buggy Museum.  Several members and family attended.  We had a private tour of this 19th Century buggy manufacturer and associated house and grounds.  It was a great trip back to the 19th century when Mifflinburg was known as “Buggy Town”, and manufactured some of the finest buggies in the U.S.  And, during the tour, jast as if on cue, an Amish family in buggy clip-clopped by!

You never know what will happen when Odd Fellows venture out into the public!  We learned that the museum has a collection of historic Odd Fellows documents!  They will be granting us access and providing copies to our historical archives!

We had a wonderful day, found some old Odd Fellows documents, and learned a lot about our local history!





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